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Why I Started

Executive coaching was a natural extension of my 30-year career running businesses. Hiring the best talent, creating a collaborative work environment and helping people reach new heights was the best part of my job as CEO.


I started Jacobus & Associates to take my passion of helping people discover the very best version of themselves and apply it every day. Working with highly talented people that are looking for personal and professional growth is what gets me up in the morning!


My Story

I’ve always been curious.


“How does this work? How can it improve? What’s holding us back? What if..?”


It drove my parents crazy but being curious has served me well in business. From my first job selling high end audio to a 30-year career as CEO of radio/media and technology companies, asking good questions and being curious about every aspect of business paid dividends.


Jacobus & Associates Executive Coaching & Consulting was formed 8 years ago to help executives that strive to grow beyond their current state. We are all-in with our clients and their journey toward their goals. We help executives in the areas of productivity, organizational strength, improved relationships (with direct reports, stakeholders and peers), improved teamwork, improved job satisfaction and reduced conflict. 


I truly love what I do and currently split my time between Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ. I’m married with two grown sons and I’m a decent golfer and drummer (not great at either, but thoroughly enjoy both!) Having spent years in radio, I love all types of music.




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Executive coaching is ideal for executives who want to increase their performance, develop their management skills, or overcome obstacles in areas such as communication, time management, confidence, or work-life balance. An executive coach will expose blind spots and challenge the executive to achieve greater levels of success.

Assessment Tools for
Leadership Development

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We utilize a number of assessment tools such as Personality, Emotional Intelligence and 360 surveys. Self-awareness, job fit and gaining a true understanding of everyone’s unique place in the organization are key to a high-performance workplace.


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With a 30-year background running media and technology companies, I can bring an outside perspective to current business issues. Combine that with now working in many different business sectors, our clients have found the value in having a trusted advisor.

Success Stories

I’ve known Craig since 2017 and have had the opportunity to get to know him both personally and professionally, working with him on numerous occasions. Craig is currently our NGenio USA- MPO consultant and has helped us roll the personality assessment tool out across the organization, greatly improving the way we manage talent and handle interpersonal communications. Craig’s training sessions are unparalleled, and he has the unique ability to distill the technical into meaningful takeaways, creating value for all participants. In 2019 I personally worked with Craig through a 6-month executive coaching program, which paid dividends and increased my social and situational awareness as a leader. I give Craig my full endorsement and recommend him to anyone looking for personal or organizational transformation and improvement.

Josh Farber, as CFO XMI Growth, Nashville, TN

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