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About: Headliner
Our Approach

About Us

You're successful and doing well but you know there is another level. Reaching peak performance is hard work but the rewards can be transformational.


Jacobus & Associates, LLC is an Executive Coaching and Business Consulting firm specializing in fueling personal and professional growth. With 30 years of executive positions leading companies, I've seen firsthand when talented people have that a-ha moment which accelerates their growth. Playing a part in that talent evolution is the most rewarding part of my career.

Jacobus & Associates Executive Coaching & Consulting was formed in 2014 after 14 years in the CEO position and I'm able to live my passion every day. I consult SMBs and, as a certified Executive Coach, I work with C-suite executives, leadership teams and high potential talent in growth companies. Together we develop specific strategies, plans and processes that produce results for them and their companies. Those who can communicate effectively and appropriately, appreciate different personality styles and connect authentically are the difference makers. We help bring this to reality in life and in business.

Significant top and bottom line growth occur when people are fully challenged, fulfilled and aligned.

Our specialties:

  • Executive Coaching

  • High Potential Coaching

  • Business consulting-SMB

  • Personality and Emotional Intelligence Assessment + 360 Assessments

Who I Help

I work one-on-one with key executives and high potential talent in growth- oriented companies. We focus our efforts on small to mid-sized businesses across the US and Canada. I’ve worked with key talent in a wide range of businesses from software to finance; media to healthcare; logistics to insurance to name just a few.

How I Do It

Whether you are looking to overcome major professional/organizational challenges, take your business to the next level, or simply optimize your full leadership potential, our executive coaching services will help you get there. Starting with the end in mind, we work one-on-one with executives and business owners to achieve the desired results. With accountability toward continuous improvement, you boost your ability to lead with strength, clear direction, and caring while fostering strong relationships with those you work with.

What's in It for You

We help executives..

  • Produce top results without ruffling feathers

  • Maintain strong relationships and hold others accountable

  • Jumpstart your transition into a new leadership role

  • Effectively communicate throughout the organization

  • Influence others while being true to yourself


Improve results-

  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction with a culture of teamwork

  • Respond to challenging times in ways that engage all of your employees

  • Ensure creative thinking to generate new opportunities

  • Involves a process that is very action-oriented

  • Provides an objective sounding board

  • Ensures total confidentiality throughout

  • Uncovers the real issues through honest and frank discussions

  • Shares experienced business knowledge

  • Achieves tangible results very quickly


Jacobus & Associates Coaching approach typically involves a 6-month engagement. One-hour sessions are held every two weeks and, depending on the needs, a variety of tools and assessments are utilized.  Telephone and e-mail communications are also provided to support execution and address any challenges. Goals and expectations are co-created and clearly articulated up front. The goal is to see meaningful improvement and consistent growth.

Managing Change-Video

Managing change comes with its own set of challenges. Craig talks to Brad Malone of Navigate Consulting about meeting those challenges



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