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Jacobus & Associates takes a holistic approach when considering the needs of your company. Growing people and a healthy company culture lead to success. We specialize in three key areas that all work together to generate results.


Today’s business leaders are experiencing unprecedented change. They are inundated with changing business models, employee issues, high turnover, and ever growing expectations. Companies experiencing dynamic growth may find their leadership pipeline is not strong enough to sustain future growth. There becomes a need for building accelerated leadership capacity. Our executive coaching program is designed to help facilitate leadership development and personal growth resulting in improved performance. As a Certified Professional Coach, we help leaders work through the daily challenges they face, provide honest, objective feedback, and help set up processes and action steps that create success

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Executive & Leadership Coaching
Media & Business Consulting
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Assessment Tools for Leadership Development

Significant top and bottom line growth occur when people are fully-challenged, fulfilled and aligned in their job, and the most successful companies are effective because they have their people in the right seats. Making sure the energy and drive of the person fits the job is key to high performance and retaining top talent. From there, getting the entire team to understand and appreciate each individual’s unique contribution leads to open communication and higher productivity.


We utilize a number of assessment tools such as MPO Personality assessment, EQi 360 Emotional Intelligence and 360 survey. The right combination accelerates growth and helps generate self-awareness. Self awareness and self-management, job fit and gaining a true understanding of everyone’s unique place in the organization are key to a high performance workplace.


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Business Consulting

With over 30 years of experience either running or consulting a myriad of business types, founder Craig Jacobus knows what it takes to grow successful enterprises. He’s worked with start-ups and heritage companies in small and large markets. Whether it’s increasing revenue or team building, talent growth or organizational structure—experienced outside perspective can give you a clear vision to help radically improve your operation. 

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Assessment Tools for Leadership Development
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