"I’ve known Craig since 2017 and have had the opportunity to get to know him both personally and professionally, working with him on numerous occasions. Craig is currently our NGenio USA- MPO consultant and has helped us roll the personality assessment tool out across the organization, greatly improving the way we manage talent and handle interpersonal communications. Craig’s training sessions are unparalleled, and he has the unique ability to distill the technical into meaningful takeaways, creating value for all participants. In 2019 I personally worked with Craig through a 6-month executive coaching program, which paid dividends and increased my social and situational awareness as a leader. I give Craig my full endorsement and recommend him to anyone looking for personal or organizational transformation and improvement."

            Josh Farber, CFO XMI Growth, Nashville, TN


"For more than five years, my leadership team and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Craig. His keen understanding of how to optimize individual personalities for enhanced team dynamics is unmatched. Beyond his expertise in fostering successful leadership, we thoroughly enjoy his warm personality, sense of humor and passion for his role in helping us continue to achieve our goals."

Shari Day, President-CEO at Bohan Advertising, Nashville, TN

"Craig taught me worlds about pace and people through both instruction and example. He is honest, direct, patient and genuine. Most of the time time he was in the mode of being a great coach and leader but occasionally he’d dig in and demonstrate he was a great manager, too. Also, he found a way to bring grace to even the toughest of conversations. His hallmark is embracing humanity in business and it was great to see how that impacted the business over the course of his time here as CEO."

Chip Sprague, Enterprise Account Manager-Cisco, Nashville, TN

"Craig has a well deserved reputation for being an exceptional leader. I know many people that have worked for and with Craig and they all have the same positive feedback to share. Although I knew Craig from the radio industry, I hadn’t had the chance to work with him before he began executive / leadership coaching. Our company continues to get a return on our investment as we are still implementing ideas suggested by him. Craig has inspired me, but more importantly, he challenged me personally and professionally as only a great coach can."

Jana Hampton, Sr. Director of Media Operations- Dave Ramsey Solutions, Nashville, TN

"Having worked with Craig for thirteen years I had the pleasure of getting to know him personally and professionally. During our time together at South Central Media I was able to observe first-hand how Craig’s management style meshed so well with our corporate office as well as the individuals who reported to him. The attributes that made him successful in his role as the president of our Radio division are the same ones that will make him successful in any future professional endeavor: Craig is an excellent listener and knows how to ask the right questions; he is not quick to judge without all the facts; he practices a collaborative approach to leadership (something that made us very effective teammates); and he encourages everyone around him to do their very best at all times. Oh, and Craig’s got a great sense of humor, which makes him extremely easy to be around. While I will certainly miss working with Craig on a day-to-day basis it’s gratifying to know that our friendship will endure."

Dennis Gwiazdon, VP, General Manager at Cromwell Media, Nashville, TN

"If Craig is not the most impressive company president I have worked with he would certainly rank among the best. He has a unique ability to inspire and get others to do what needs to be done while being rewarded and motivated to do it. Others have told me it is lonely at the top. Craig has demonstrated to me that you can be extremely successful in the midst of great company and not suffer from the loneliness so many top executives accept as part of the job. I wish I could package and sell what Craig does intuitively."

Todd Gross, Partner- Ngenio USA, MPO

"Craig is an amazing mentor, leader, and coach and I feel blessed to have been able to learn from him during his time as President and CEO. He has the unique gift to make a person feel secure in their abilities, while helping them stretch to become an even better version of themselves, and that is very rare. Craig’s steady hand led the company through some pretty immense changes and upgrades that had the potential to become a distraction to the company’s mission…but, he was always encouraging as we learned new skills and truly led from the front, as a good leader does. The way he takes an interest in individual employees has the effect of creating a “family environment” where you know that management is invested in your personal success. Craig’s leadership has been crucial to South Central AV’s growth- but his impact on me personally cannot be understated. I consider myself blessed for the time Craig invested in helping me grow and become better at my craft."

         Shane Vaughan, Client Relations Mgr./Senior Account Mgr. at South Central AV, Tampa, FL

"While the broadcast business continues to evolve, I always refer back to the times and events in my career that made a major impact for my growth, development and long term success. Craig Jacobus was the major influence in my early career that shaped my broadcast career of over 30 years. And, true to his character, Craig has maintained his professional and personal contact with me over the years. Great advice, always professional and always out in front of the crowd, looking to be a great ambassador for our industry or just helping someone grow their business. Any company or individual looking to improve their immediate results or looking to gain a competitive advantage in anyway should get to know Craig Jacobus!"

Christopher Moncayo, Consultant, Phoenix, AZ